Halloween Music

Halloween is a great time to play spooky music and creepy sound effects. It will set the mood for the great Halloween holiday no matter where you are. Below we have compiled a list of links to assist you in receiving an amazing variety of halloween music, sound effects, songs, music downloads and much more! Enjoy!!

Halloween Radio
Halloween oriented music and content 24 hours a day.  All year.

"Offers family-friendly Halloween CDs featuring Victor R. Vampire and Friends. Also offers music books for performing musicians and students."

13thTrack.com Halloween Radio
Loads of webcasts streaming Halloween stories, sound effects and songs.

OFFICIAL Corpse Bride SoundTrack Get it here now!

Midnight Syndicate
Midnight Syndicate's music blends dark orchestration and sound effects to create gothic/horror soundscape albums perfect for Halloween. Their site includes tracks from their albums, interviews, updates, reviews, and much more.

MIDI'S from the CRYPT
Halloween Midi downloads.

Spooky MIDIS & Wavs
Nice collection of horror .wav files.

The Pit
Files of classic horror sounds.

Sounds Abound© On All Hallow's Eve
Sounds Abound© On All Hallow's Eve is a masterful mix of evil audio.