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Halloween is my favorite time of year. Every year my friends and I throw a Halloween party and things can add up quite quickly so here are a few tips how to make fun things inexpensively.

Paper mache is a cheap and easy way to make almost anything, all you need is flour, water and newspaper. I made tombstones, crosses and a coffin out of paper mache. I got some boxes from the local grocery store and cut the box into the same I desired. This could mean several pieces taped together to create the shape for example the tombstone needed a base, a front and a back. I taped all the pieces together and mixed my flour and water until sort of soup like and cut my newspaper into strips. I applied it as evenly over the form as possible. I allowed it to dry and a few days later spray painted them silver, grey and wrote scary or funny things on them like RIP.
They are great for the front lawn or in the house if you are having a party and what an inexpensive prop. Filling a rubbermaid glove with water, tying an elastic around the end and putting it in the freezer can make a great prop to the punch bowl, careful when peeling back the glove fingers may break off.

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