Making a Haunted Halloween Graveyard

By Chris Kullstroem

Okay, so you've got the inside of your house all decorated for Halloween.
But now what to do with the outside? One great idea is to make your own Haunted Halloween graveyard.

To start, pick out an area in your yard where the graveyard will look best.
If you're planning on having trick-or-treaters, set it up next to the walkway, or anywhere with a good view from the road.

Make a small stonewall from the bigger rocks around your yard, or buy a small wooden or wire fence from a craft store. The size can be anywhere from 3'x3' to 6'x6', or however much space you want to devote to your graveyard.

Dig shallow, narrow holes for the tombstones and bury each one about a forth of it's height into the ground. This will keep them firm and steady in any wind or rain. Add partially buried plastic skulls, bones or other body parts in front of the stones.

Include other Halloween accessories such as pumpkins, gourds, warning signs, and other decorations that won't be ruined by possible rain. The greatest thing about making your Halloween graveyard is that you can be as creative as you want with it. Your theme can be witches, ghosts, zombies, or all of the above. Have either matching tombstones or a variety of shapes and sizes.

What will really bring your graveyard to life are the lanterns. Put carrying lanterns by the stones, as well as standing lanterns that burn tea-light candles. Craft stores sell a large variety of Halloween standing lanterns in designs such as pumpkins, witch hats and more. Also, put carved jack-o-lanterns on your graveyard's stonewall or outside the fence to make the area look bigger and fuller.

Light your graveyard each night at sundown by lighting the lanterns and jack-o-lanterns. This gives the graveyard an even spookier appearance than during the day, casting shadows on the tombstones and decorations.

And that's it! Your yard will officially be a part of the Halloween scene.
As your own unique creation, your Haunted Halloween graveyard will transform your yard into a fun and frightful domain for all who dare to enter.