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2007 Halloween Costume Ideas
As Halloween approaches this year, online users are already searching for Halloween costume ideas. Check out this article for the popular themes for this year!

Extend Your Halloween Adventure
Are you and a bunch of friends planning a Halloween outing for October? Try one or more of the following ideas to turn your outing into a Halloween adventure to never forget!

Volunteering at a Haunt this Halloween 
Looking for a new way to experience Halloween this year? If you've ever wanted to get involved with a local haunted attraction, you'll be in for some fun nights of fright...

Bringing Halloween to the Office 
Are you feeling stuck in the office this Halloween season? Well don't despair. You can bring all the fun elements of Halloween with you to work!

Rent a Hearse this Halloween 
Looking for a cool ride this Halloween? Here's one trip worth taking more than once...

Most Plan to Celebrate Halloween
Everybody who's anybody is celebrating Halloween this year. So the real question is...are you?!?!

Gargoyle Gifts
Gargoyle gifts make great accents for a room décor that is not already “busy” with patterned materials or wallpapers...

Good Food Good Company
Tasty treats for the Halloween season

Halloween for Teens
...But some trick-or-treaters are not looked too highly upon: teenagers.

A Dark and Stormy Night
A new poem submission...read if you dare!

Halloween for the "Stiffs"
They are the people we like, but who dislike the Halloween season.

Making a Jack-o-Lantern Light Show
Get friends and family together to have a pumpkin carving party!

How To Create your own Sound Effects
Making a Halloween hit list is as easy as toasting bread when you follow these tips and tricks.

How To Carve a Halloween Pumpkin
We're going to take a look at gourmet pumpkin carving for true Halloween connoisseurs.

Halloween Party Supply List
A party's not a party without great party supplies...

Things that go bump in the night
There is a point in the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness when a sudden realization dawns that we are sliding rapidly into winter.

Keep that Pumpkin Fresh!
Find out how at pumkinfresh.com. "Your family will love it!"

Wear a MASK this Halloween!!
Add a mask to customize your costume this year


Witch's Dungeon Celebrates 40 Years! 
Attention all science fiction and horror movie buffs out there: there are some historic events going on this October that you won't want to miss!

Haunted House a Success!
Read and see Pictures... 

10 Fun Activities with Autumn Leaves 
If you like to craft, you probably already know that autumn leaves can be used for making fall and Halloween crafts. For some fun new ideas, check out these ideas for activities using autumn leaves.

Your Child's Halloween Scrapbook 
This Halloween, give your child a fun project that will make them enjoy the season even more. Let them create their very own Halloween scrapbook.

Haunted House a Success!
Every Trick was a Treat for more than 1,000 people who came to see what all the fuss was about on...

A New Way To Look At Costumes
Take Halloween pictures? Then check out AstonishingArts.com. With exclusive art backgrounds, you can transform an ordinary photo into a work of art.
Article coming soon...

Finding Some Creepy Locals
People throughout the U.S. report paranormal activity on a daily basis.

Ditch the candy this Halloween
Eight bucks buys a bag that won't last twenty minutes! New ideas...

Making a Season of Halloween
So Halloween is your favorite holiday but you're bummed because it's only one day a year and over before you know it?

Halloween just for kids?
Anyone who holds the attitude that Halloween isn't for adults is really just saying one thing...

Pagan Origins of Halloween
The pagan origins of Halloween are so palpable that there is little wonder the holiday has generated considerable controversy ...

Making a Scarecrow Show
You'll want a lot of scarecrows to make a really good scarecrow show.

Making a Haunted Halloween Graveyard
Tips on what to do with 'the outside'

What's Happened to Halloween?
Create a lasting Halloween memory with your kids by making a costume together.

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