Top 10 Decors & Props

Top 10 Decorations & Props

What is Halloween without decorations or props? We all know Halloween decorations make the season and this year we wanted to help you out with a list of 'Must Have' items to have your neighbors talking! So choose a few items from the list below to display at your home. You will thrill the trick or treaters and make your family proud!




































Top 10 Decorations and Props
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6 ft. Grim Reaper
We dare you to trick or treat at this house...

Bubbling Test Tubes
Dr. Jeckel and his crew are busy making Halloween brew.

Color Change Skull
Complete that frightfully, fun look for your next party.

Spirit Ball - Swami
What does your future hold?

Edwardian Butler
May I have your soul, ahem, coat, sir?

Bates Motel Sign
Penalties for early checkout...

2 ft. Realistic Cross
Did you ever wonder what it's like 6 feet under?

Owl Latex
Whoooooo goes there?

Happy Halloween Sign
A warm welcome for your guests.

Pumpkin Inflatable Cooler
Keep things cool and in style this Halloween.