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Morticia Stewart’s Ultimate Halloween Monster Bash Kit
Horrors d’oeuvres Cookbook

Feel like a zombie ate your brain when it comes to planning your Halloween party menu? Let Morticia Stewart help you roll out a scintillatingly sinister spread, ensuring a show-stop..., no, make that heart-stopping Halloween Boo-fet. Stun your guests with these taste-tormenting recipes and matching, devilishly descriptive, reusable, illustrated laminated placards. Ravenous creatures of the night (a.k.a. your fiendish friends) will beat a path to your crypt every All Hallows Eve for years to come.

Morticia Stewart’s Ultimate Halloween Monster Bash Kit
Frightful Festivities Planner

Face facts—snooze-worthy, stand-around-small-talking, Samhain soirees are strictly for stiffs. Morticia Stewart ’s Frightful Festivities Planner lets you choose among myriad ghoulish grown-up games, mightily morbid movie trivia quizzes and anguish-inducing adult-centric activities—all guaranteed to tease, titillate and torment your sure-to-be-grateful guests. Every entertaining entry has been laboriously laboratory tested on actual unsuspecting adults. And over the past ten years, we ’ve lost only a few tortured souls. Of course, they all died laughing.

Morticia Stewart’s Ultimate Halloween Monster Bash Kit
WitchCrafts Kit

Anyone can plop down a package of flimsy paper plates. [Sound effects: Yawn.] Why not showcase your witch-craftiness—and class up your crypt—with dreadfully delightful decorated dishes? No artistic ability necessary. This kit gives you everything you need to handpaint one-of-a-kind Halloween Boo-fet plates and glasses for an unforgettable, upscale party presentation. Morticia Stewart ’s gluttonous guests have been known to go back for seconds, thirds and fourths just to check out the various designs! True story.

Bonus benefit: It’s a “Convenient Truth” that these permanently reusable plates will render your parties eerily environmentally sustainable, save essential spooky trees and deprive landfills of putrid paper waste.